art username.

..with wax melted; i'd meet the sea...
overall interests: roleplay, gaming, writing, digital & traditional art
i try to be critical of my interests & keep me out of discourse.

racist. homophobic. transphobic. ableist. all lives matter/pro-police brutality. pro-israel. pro-ai art.ace & aro exclusionist. terf.
anti self-dx. anti-neopronouns.
under 18 - do not follow my personal accounts. feel free to follow my art accounts & i will still answer questions if you have any.thinspo/ed/sh twt/ harry potter & jk rowling.

i am rt/rb heavy on my personal twitter & tumblr.
if you have an issue with me, please tell me privately & do not be vague about it. tell me directly.
i do not support the use of ai for finished products.i do not tolerate harassment & bullying. tag triggering subjects. use block functions & curate your online space.i tend to be a bit of a loner & i may have short answers if i'm lower on energy.please use tone tags - at least /s, /j, /lh - and other common ones.

triggers cat illness, harm & death.squicks bugs. medical injections.

fandoms hazbin hotel & other vivziepop works. harry potter.ships zelink. royai. (theyre on thin ice and i might like them with certain circumstances & writers. ie: t4t. dear god give me trans masc riza and trans man roy)

zelda. link. ghirahim.
fire emblem. ryouma. forrest. charlotte. nyx. eliwood. shiro.
zelda: ghirahim/link. link/sidon. plat zelda/link. zelda/impa. ganondorf/link. ganondorf/zelda. link/ganondorf/zelda.
fire emblem: leo/ryouma. leo/charlotte. leo/nyx. leo/takumi. dimitri/byleth. kamui/leon (echoes). celica/alm. kamui/zero (fates). yuri/byleth. edelgard/lysithea. eliwood/hector.
misc: senku/tsukasa. senku/gin. lio fotia/galo thymos. simon/viral. chidi/eleanor. eleanor/tahani. schezka/winry. alphonse/winry. roy/ed (comfort ship.) sheith.
fire emblem: leo. corrin. yuri. hector.
zelda ghirahim. link (sksw). link (botw/totk). zelda (albw).
fullmetal alchemist roy mustang. edward elric.
misc: hunter. luz noceda. sigma.
kin types: catkin. inklingkin.
animanga dr. stone. fullmetal alchemist / fma:b. sailor moon. gurren lagann. little witch academy. yomi no tsugai. kamichama karin. shugo chara. dnangel.
books percy jackson. ingary trilogy (howl's moving castle, castle in the air & house of many ways). nimona.
games hades. i'm on observation duty. legend of zelda. pokemon. slime rancher. splatoon. stardew valley. transistor. zero escape.
movies promare. pirates of the carribean 1-3. princess bride. road to el dorado. beauty and the beast. tangled. bullet train. nimona.
music hadestown. hunchback of notre dame. prince of egypt. hozier. muse. panic! at the disco. sawano. iDKHOW.
shows tales of arcadia. tangled: the series. brooklyn 99. the good place. gravity falls. the owl house. percy jackson.
pokefarm @pecharunt
neocities @ironvaliant
toyhouse @teacuptomes